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Welcome to C&L Seed Production Group Inc.

Where traditional values meet superior quality and convenience

C&L Seed Production Group Inc. has been family owned and operated since the company took root in Blenheim, Ontario in 2014. Backed by three generations of Ontario farmers, our business has been built by honest and hardworking agriculturalists in producing quality seed. Our customers depend on our ability to deliver robust corn and soybean seed that our region’s farms cultivate into quality produce.

A large part of our ability to produce seed that maximizes yield potential is where we have chosen to put our roots down. With its long growing season and rich soil, the Chatham-Kent area is internationally recognized as a top grower of seed corn, soybeans and a variety of other species of crops. When we say, “Good things grow in Ontario,” we mean it. The following are just some of the reasons you can trust in our region’s excellent growing conditions.

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Chatham-Kent Is A Leader In Agricultural Production & Distribution

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Chatham-Kent is the #1 producer in all of Canada for a wide variety of crops, including seed corn, tomatoes, tobacco, carrots, and others
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Chatham-Kent produces about 20% of all vegetables grown in Ontario
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Each farmer in Chatham-Kent produces enough to feed 120 people

High Yield Potential Starts with Quality Seed

Since our inception in 2014, the Giffin family has been thrilled to nurture and distribute the very best the industry has to grow. Using cutting-edge technology and reliable delivery systems, our full-service seed production company ensures our customers have readily able access to corn seed and soybean seed that align with their expectations.

We have invested in the facilities and machinery that mitigate the challenges that our industry grapples with each growing season. By utilizing quality checks and benchmarks at multiple stages throughout seed production, we help increase the value and excellence of our products. It is our desire that our customers will have a more productive and profitable growing season.

Partner with a seed production company that has the foresight and capabilities to protect your best interests with a proactive dedication to quality control and time distribution.

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By applying our multi-generational agricultural knowledge to the very best in robotics and automation, we are able to grow, dry, condition, treat, package and distribute seed all over North America. Yet, even as a prominent Canadian company in national seed distribution, we remain dedicated to the traditional approaches to customer service that have defined our family-owned and operated farm since its beginnings in Blenheim.

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With long-standing traditional values bolstered by modern innovation, we are proud to partner with Ontario farmers, because we know good things grow in their fields and within our communities. Whether you are looking to grow conventional, certified organic or genetically modified corn or soybeans, you can trust in our family-run business to produce seed that will excel in the climate and conditions demanded of them.

If you are interested in seeing exactly what makes us Ontario’s top-choice for seed production, we will be overjoyed to welcome you to our farm. Located at 18814 Communication Road in Blenheim, you can’t miss our top-of-the-line facilities. Here, you will witness, firsthand, how we exceed industry standards with optical colour sorting, high precision treating equipment and superior drying and packaging processes.

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Reach out to C&L Seed Production today and learn how we take care of our seeds, so it is primed to take care of the wholesalers and farmers we have worked alongside for more than 40 years.

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