C&L Seed Production Group Inc.

When the C&L Seed Production Group completed construction of the company;s new seed corn dryer in August 2015, owners Chris, Craig, and Dale Stewart and Lyle and Lee Giffin celebrated the event with a grand opening. Operation of the dryer began in early September 2015. But dates and celebrations do not tell the full story.

The celebration did not herald the full realization of their aspirations, nor does the date mark the beginning of their seed production experience.

The Stewart and Giffin Families have been farming the rich, productive farmland in southern Ontario 65 mils east of Detroit, MI, for several decades. Their family operations have been growing seed corn for three generations.

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Jobs Growing At Seed Corn Plant

A local seed company believes it’s venture into the seed corn business will help the local economy.

Chris White of C&L Seeds in Blenheim says the company will soon be processing seed corn for the first time after completing a new seed processing and drying facility.

“The plant itself will need seasonal work when we are receiving and sorting and packaging seed corn,” he says. “As things grow we anticipate a need for full time permanent jobs.”

He says the company won’t be marketing its own brand of seed but will produce small lots and niche market seed as well as organic seed corn.

C&L Seeds is a privately held locally owned company.

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New seed company setting up in Southwestern Ontario

August 22, 2014 – Lyle Giffin, local farmer, entrepreneur, and CEO of the Giffin group of companies, unveiled plans for a new corn seed production company in Blenheim recently, during his closing remarks at the annual Country Farm Seeds customer appreciation event.

The company, which will be called C & L Seed Production Inc., will specialize in wholesale corn seed production, focusing most of its production energies on small lots. It will be owned and operated by two of the area’s prominent farming families – the Giffins, Lyle and Lee and the Stewarts, Chris, Craig, Dale of Jon Ern Farms.

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C & L Seed Production Group Inc. Opens Modular Seed Processing Facility

C & L Seed Production Group Inc. opens a new processing facility in Blenheim, Ontario, ready in time to receive the 2015 seed corn harvest. The facility is the first new seed corn drying facility to open in Canada for many years.

The modular technology being used in the facility has the ability to match the amounts of electricity and natural gas being used to the amount of corn being dried. This allows for tighter control of the amount of heat and fan intensity for the specific batch of corn being processed, according to C & L. The facility will be used for wholesale production of seed corn and will serve North American and export markets.

C & L Seed Production Group was created last year, and its two managing families bring decades of agricultural and seed experience to the company.


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Planting a new seed in C-K

A new local seed corn production company is putting down roots in Chatham-Kent.

Well, it’s essentially extending the root structures of families that have been farming here for generations.

C&L Seed Production Inc. plans to be in operation in time for the fall harvest, according to one of the company overseers, Chris White.

The company will be owned and operated by two local farming families, the Giffins – Lyle and Lee – and the Stewarts – Chris, Craig and Dale of Jon Ern Farms.

White said ground would break on Communication Road between Talbot Trail and Shrewsbury in September.

“It will be a new facility, with a new warehouse and top-of-the-line dryer and handling equipment,” he said. “We’re very excited for the challenge and the opportunity.”


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